“The bad intentions” by Jessica Mazzoli and Fabulous, the former Morgan sings the parody of “Only”

Jessica Mazzoli, with the support of the ex-boyfriend of Big Brother Luigi Fabulous, makes fun of the former buddy Morgan with a parody of the modified version of the “Only” brought on the stage of Sanremo 2020. Together in a restaurant in milan, the ex-boyfriend of Nina Moric – finished in the eye of the storm for the incredible disappearance and the allegations of violence on the part of the ex girlfriend – Fabulous and Jessica mimic Bugo and Morgan to grips with the iconic exhibition brought to the Festival. Singing is Luigi, demonstrating that to his many talents that include to think of new ways for catalyst of the attention of the media, do not add that to the music.

Jessica Mazzoli is the former partner of Morgan

Jessica, singer and star of Big Brother and the X Factor, has long been a partner of Morgan. From their relationship was born the daughter Lara with which the former leader of sixpence none the richer has recovered only recently. Jessica, after having denounced on television the lack of collaboration of the former partner in the growth of their child, moved closer to Morgan when the man lost the house of Monza in which he lived.

The version of “Only” modified by Morgan

The version of “Only” modified by Morgan and taken on the stage of Sanremo 2020 has become even more popular than the song itself. The verses re-written by the singer-songwriter have inspired dozens of memes and parodies. “The bad intentions, the rudeness. Your bad figure last night in the evening. Your ingratitude, your arrogance. Do what you want by putting the feet to the head. Certain the disorder is a form of art, but you know only cultivate envy. Thank the heavens you’re on this stage, to respect those who brought you there in. This is me” playing the part re-written by Morgan, who has pushed Bugo to leave the Festival.