The baldness of Harry is improving, thanks to an anti-hairloss treatment

According to the Daily Mail prince Harry before moving to Canada, it would be gone in a clinic in london’s Mayfair, the prestigious Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic to address its pressing pattern baldness.

The duke of Sussex, 35 years old, as prince William and father Charles arrived at that time of life, also causes a load of stress, where is his head to give signs of failure. Already last year with the arrival of little Archie the bald and Harry seemed to be increased there were those who argued that the problem was accentuated by the moment in which the prince was tied to a wedding with Meghan truman gates.

According to the Sun, the tabloid that first supported the thesis of the loss of hair of the prince tied the wedlock with ex-Hollywood actress, they would have attended the clinic by the customers of the rich and famous, including actors, models and athletes, to return to the old splendor to its iconic crown and ginger.

As reported by the newspaper the anglo-saxon, Harry decided to treat the problem by giving in to the pressures of his wife, this is the thesis of the expert transplant Dr Asim Shahmalak. The specialist would also have said, “Meghan was a Hollywood actress and knows very well the value of having a good appearance. Many of my clients come to me because they feel the pressure, even if not manifested, their partner who would prefer not to have next to a bald man”.

For Harry, therefore, are finished the times in which he could take the game of the older brother to his hair no longer in perfect shape, the subject pulled out in his speech from the witness at the wedding with Kate Middleton. Now the same fate seems to be reserved to him, the duke of Sussex, that already at the birth of their first child Archie looked like he had less hair than usual. Unlike William, however, Harry will not sell to a buzz cut, shaving tactical military-style of those who starts to show too much of a receding hairline or the so-called “piazza” on the crown of the head. Probably this very short look is not crazy to Meghan, who many say is the one that has the last word on every aesthetic choice of family, the duchess would prefer that the husband had thick hair, just like her. Unfortunately, the gene for aggressive baldness is more dominant in the Windsor family, having regard to the history of William and Charles of England, even if, thanks to this treatment it seems that Prince Harry has managed to recover a little of the mass of the capillary.