The beauty halal: natural, eco-friendly and high-performance

“Beauty has nothing sinful about that and take care of it is not at all a synonym of vanity, it only means to love one another and want to present to others the best version of themselves”.
To say it is not a beauty influencer, but Rassmea Salah, a muslim born in Italy 36 years ago to Italian parents, but the father of egyptian origin. Former municipal councillor of Bresso, was the first in that role in Italy to bring the veil, and now is an active member of the Islamic Community of Bologna and social media manager of the company RF Cosmetics has recently launched Hijabeau, a line of cosmetics halal, or can also be used by women islamic because it conforms to the rules
dictated by the Koran.

Halal in Arabic means permitted , and is to be described as such, and obtain official certification, a product must comply with precise rules in each stage of the production chain. Make-up and skincare to avoid the risk of becoming haram, prohibited, must avoid first and foremost the use of alcohol, silicones and parabens, but also “derivatives of animal origin because one of the fundamental principles of our religion is the respect for life in all its forms. – explains Rassmea – The same attention
the reserve for the planet and its conservation, then we prefer green products and vegan made with the least waste of water”.

Paradoxically, therefore, despite the philosophy of halal is rooted in the dictates of the religious existed for centuries, embraces at the same time the trend of green and eco-friendly , from a few years dominating the cosmetic market and not only. This similarity has also won over new generations of muslims, who see the lines vegan if its not halal, definitely muslim-friendly.

A trend to natural cosmetics, in vogue as the theme of inclusiveness, also not unknown to the islamic world, such as precise Rassmea, always active in the fields of integration and of overcoming stereotypes that often link the muslim faith to the subordination of women to men, which also passes by the dampen the beauty of the women. “A wrong idea, the aesthetics is an element that is mentioned several times in our religion and is certainly not regarded negatively, as long as it does not become ostentation”. To the muslim girls is, in fact, suggested, not without controversy, a style called “Modesty,” which is characterized by a makeup that enhances your strengths without making your face vulgar or too flashy. No, then a red lipstick or fuchsia, but via the free foundation, blush, kajal, mascara and a lip gloss in the nude.

The market for cosmetics, halal-even though it is still niche seems to be in great expansion in our Country, where if you began to speak with greater relevance as from 2016, when the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, was set up in a dedicated section. “On that occasion we were present with a line of luxury destined for adult women. Only later we realized that the target audience should be a other since they are the new generation that is more in keeping with the theme,” explains Rita Rizzi, CEO of RF Cosmetics and creator of the line Hijabeau whose name combines the word hijab, the islamic veil, and beau, in French beauty.

Until today, in fact, even the muslims are more attentive to the dictates of Islam have often overlooked the concept of halal, combined with make-up and skincare, it does not place itself in any way with the problem once you enter the perfumery. “With time, the sensitivity is increasing but your more interested in following the religion in the field of beauty, in Italy are the under-25 belonging to the second generation of immigrants, young muslim women, educated and emancipated, and that through their social show the world how to be fashionable and modest at the same time”. The guilt of the less interest of the adult is probably attributable also to the giants in the beauty that I almost never embrace this philosophy, given that there are really very few lines of halal produced
from the large companies.

Even less do the influencers, starting with Huda Kattan, star of Instagram of iraqi origin, the creator of the brand, from the global success Huda Beauty, that in making lipstick and mascara never cared what was legal and what is not. This is also why the RF Cosmetics has chosen not to focus on the star of the web but rely on the so-called ” mini-influencers, girls with only a 10-20.000 followers but well known among her peers as the muslim. To them the task of creating a tutorial, make-up products are the most popular. What? The King of the make-up is definitely the foundation no transfer, designed for girls who
to wear the veil and who then have the skin of the face in close contact with clothing to avoid staining, but also purchased by women of faith is not islamic, don’t want to run the risk of leaving traces of colour on scarves and sweaters, high neck. Even the lipstick should be snapped up because the makeup lips, being the one more liable to be swallowed, it generates a greater desire to