The best friend of Kate Middleton, who calls her daughter (also) Charlotte

Amalia Rose Charlotte: Sophie Snuggs, among the best friends of Kate Middleton, has called the first-born daughter, had by her husband, Robert Carter. The baby girl was born last June 21, the same day William of England, a curious coincidence, and the third name chosen for her by new parents it would seem a tribute to Charlotte of Cambridge, who in September 2018 with his older brother George was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of Carter.

A very common name, there are doubts, but according to the british media, the hypothesis of a deliberate choice is more plausible, also consider the fact that Sophie is one of the sponsors of the baptism of the princess, together with Laura Fellowes, and Adam Middleton, cousins, respectively, of William and Kate, and some family friends, Thomas van Straubenzee (soon husband of Lucy Lanigan-O’keeffe, professor of prince George at Thomas’s Battersea School) and James Meade.

Kate Middleton at Wimbledon in 2008 with a group of friends. Next to her, with a scarf of pink, Sophie Snuggs (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images)

Ties are deep and old, those between the dukes of Cambridge and their inner circle, but, above all, very far from what could be considered “royal”. Sophie, for example, grew up in Norfolk, not far from Amner Hall, the buen retiro of Cambridge and the brother, Robert, has married another friend and intimate of the duchess, Hannah Gillingham, godmother of the baptism of the young prince Louis.

Among the people closest to Kate, there are also Trini Foyle, at his side since the time of adolescence, and Emilia Jardine-Paterson, a companion of studies at Marlborough College, and remained always at the side of Middleton. Interior designer, gave her a hand in the renovation of their apartment in Kensington, where she lives with the family and seeing them together is not at all uncommon. Their children will be naturally brought together. If Kate was asked to be the godmother of baptism to the small Amalia would not be a surprise to no one. Friendship is a serious thing, even at home Windsor.