The brothers Muccino make peace, Gabriel withdraws defamation lawsuit to load of Silvio


The quarrel of the brothers Muccino was led in court. In the course of the first hearing of the process that had seen them both involved, today, the brothers of the cinema have found an agreement before the judge, by choosing to close in the best of ways, the controversy that erupted between them three years ago, despite the problems in the family were initiated well before.

What happened between Gabriele and Silvio Muccino

To give life to the quarrel were the statements of Gabriel, released on December 3, 2016 in an interview with the television program Arena. The actor had accused his brother Gabriel, director of the award-winning of assaulting then-wife Elena Majoni, in 2012. “Gabriel is a violent person, he struck his wife with a slap perforandole a drum,” he said Muccino junior guest of Massimo Giletti. The director, not present in the studio, had decided to sue the brother for defamation, because those words on his private life would be infringed in a manner inevitable his career in the world of cinema. “My members have decided to withdraw the lawsuit”, said today the legal of Gabriele Muccino, ” as reported by Ansa, “it is entailed by his older brother, closing a story that had him very hurt”. The same version is confirmed by the lawyer of Silvio, who said: “The quarrel between the brothers has been made: now they can continue their profession without having to appear in court”. Peace is made in short.

When Silvio Muccino said he had lied to protect Gabriel

The violinist Elena Majoni, at the time married to the successful director Gabriele Muccino, had denounced him for domestic violence, as she said in a long interview with the Courier, telling his version of the facts. The marriage was started in 2002 and their love in the following year a child was born. In that period, according to the stories of Elena, the husband would be attacked repeatedly. The violence was never reported until the last severe episode, during a holiday in Tuscany, which would have damaged for ever the life of the violinist. A slap with an open hand, the stroke in the hospital and a perforated eardrum for her, that would not have been able to play the violin as before. Elena leaned in complaint, but Silvio Muccino, brother of Gabriel and the sole witness of the attack, he would have lied to protect him, and the name of his family. Those were the years of greatest success for the director of “The last Kiss” and “The pursuit of happiness”. The silence of Elena lasted until 2016 when, after years of suffering and struggle in the family, Muccino, Silvio, the host of the living room of Massimo Giletti, he decided to retract his version of events, telling the story of having lied before the judge in order to protect Gabriel and admitting having seen the episode of violence.

Elena Majoni told the truth on tv

A guest at the same program, the ex-wife of Muccino from the director had the couple divorced in 2006, she chose to tell on television, his truth, with a mixture of anger and pain:

Silvio had called me as a witness because he knew the truth and when he lied it was hard because I did not expect. It was a double wound, but I knew the family dynamics of Muccino and he has decided to defend his brother, as I, for years, I defended my husband.

Through tears he told of the violence suffered and hidden in order to justify the husband protecting his reputation:

I remember only a slap in the face, while I was on the phone with my mother, then the loud whistle that I feel is in the ear, I went to the emergency room where I found out I have a tear in the tympanic membrane. I have not spoken to for years of my relationship with Gabriel because it would have the word of a normal person against that of a great director like him and I was afraid that I would have only fueled the gossip. (…) He had already become famous and say this thing would have created hype and then when you fall in love you tend to justify it.


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