The Codacons complaint Wanda Nara: “Use the daughters to promote cosmetics”

In the viewfinder of the Codacons is finished another character known, after Chiara Ferragni and the war, Fedez, that, behold, the association for the protection of consumers has pointed the finger against Wanda Nara. The wife of Mauro Icardi was accused of having used his daughters to advertise products on social networks, for which reason the profile of the showgirl has been reported to the Guarantor of Privacy, and that of the Child.

The accusation of the Codacons

The Focus of the prosecution would be some video and photos in which the little Francesca, and Isabella, 5, and 3 years, show-stealing, or trying to use of cosmetic products as one of the many tutorials that are circulating on the web. In the document presented by the Codacons and reported by Reuters, reads:

On page Instagram of Wanda Nara have been distributed photos in which children are used to advertise a brand (the same as used in the note influencers) with poses and attitudes that are suitable to damage the image of the child and the feelings of the children that see these photos. A diffusion is absolutely dangerous, as they conveys the identity and the intimacy of a child at an early age and is attributed to a face of a girl the body of a woman.

In the safety of the child

The complaint continues with making accurate statements and suggest a way of doing of the showgirl that does not conform to the life of a child, therefore, should not be exposed lightly at the mercy of the social network and, above all, this is perhaps the more serious charge, the daughters should not become a vehicle to expand its reputation, jeopardising the safety of the two children:

Beyond what may be a game, the awareness of use in such a way that the image of the boy/girl is made worse if those who make such use serves its reputation and caters to a wide range of subjects of which is not in a position to know and control the level of reliability. It is, indeed, of a dangerous tendency, which is becoming defined more and more relevant and that engages in the issue of the broader picture of the reckless use of the network, in which, next to a undisputed facilitation of global communication, circulation of ideas and dissemination of information, stands the imposing phenomenon of the real risk of damage to that huge audience of children on a daily basis revolves, more or less consciously, around the web and its images.

The Codacons has, therefore, mentioned in the also exhibited the article 8 of the Beijing Rules, in which reference is made to Protection of private life, that in the case of minors are expected to be respected in every circumstance. For this reason, the association has asked Facebook and Instagram the suspension or cancellation of all those post in which Wanda Nara public video or images that are not suitable to the life of a child.

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