The crisis between Eleonora Rocchini and Oscar Branzani: “it is Not an easy time”

The ongoing crisis between Eleonora Rocchini and Oscar Branzani, torque output by Men and Women in the season 2015/2016. Last may they celebrated three years of love, and from one year to fiorentina is transferred by him to Naples to live with. Yet, something broke between the two, and not just the fans have noticed that on social not appear the most together, she has preferred to intervene by explaining that the one with Oscar is a moment that is not easy.”

The message of Eleonora Rocchini

The Rocchini has talked about it on Instagram Stories, explaining that he prefers to keep his grief private and not expose themselves on the social: “the Specific I and Oscar we are going through a moment is not clear and not easy. A moment not even well defined between us. Not that I don’t answer you, or not, I share with you the situation because I don’t want to, but simply because even this time is not clear even to me. Surely when the time comes I’ll talk with you as well. Until that time I ask you a little bit of tact and respect for the situation because it is not easy, nor talk, nor live it. Maybe go slow with the comments and all the rest out of respect for both mine and his. And then I want to specify that I am not a person who does see their discomfort and suffering, I will never do it. When I’m bad I’m at home and I lock myself in myself. If I do a story I’m not going to make the victim”. The couple has gone through a moment of crisis last December.

Difficult relationships with Men and Women

Since their exit from the Men and Women, Eleanor and Oscar have distinguished themselves as one of the couples more discrete and less prone to the media exposure of the diversity of the world defilippiano. The relationships with the transmission, on the contrary, are anything but good. They themselves have said they no longer were invited in the program and there have been fights at a distance with the author, Raffaella Mennoia. It appears, therefore, unlikely to see them in UeD in September to tell of this time of crisis.