The dark side of Miguel Herrán, Rio de The house of paper was depressed: “I Thought I’d be dead”

“I thought that I would be dead before he’s 30 years old”: the actor Miguel Herràn does not hide your side fragile of his personality, the tendency to depression which has characterized some years of his life. It is a test of a video shared on Instagram on the 7th of July last, a movie that shows the actor de The house of the paper to cry in front of the screen of his mobile phone. The video is a dumb but powerful, became viral in a few hours to reach 3.5 million views.

Podría increase mil fotos chulísimas que he ido recopilando para featured está máquina de mentir que es Instagram. Podría inflar mi ego y llenar mi vacío with the likes of.. pero hoy no! Hoy he decidido regalaros a part sincere de mí.. no voy a entrar en detalle de que es lo que me pasa, por que ni yo mismo lo se. Pero esto de aquí soy yo. Since amp., since sweetener-y sin mentiras.

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The difficulties experienced prior to becoming Rio

In the course of an old interview, Miguel said he had already experienced what it can do, the weak part of himself: “I Believed that my destiny was another, I thought that I would be dead before turning 30 years old. I never brother-in-law to overcome them. In the best of my dreams I saw myself working as a mechanic. This in the best of cases, in the worst case I’d end up living on the street.”

The award that changed his life

The life of Miguel , little has changed for 2015. He walked down the street at night with a group of friends when he was spotted by director and actor Daniel Guzmán. Asked him to do an audition for a film, seeing in him that sparkle that would have allowed him to become an actor appreciated all over the world. Miguel agreed to support the test, but, overcome by strong emotion, he ended up forgetting the whole script. Guzmàn, who chose him for the role of Darìo in the movie, A cambio de nada. The film earned Miguel his first prestigious award, the Goya awards won in 2016 as the best actor revelation. Some time after would come the call, for the role of Rio in the series-Netflix’s house paper, work that would have allowed him to extend his popularity beyond the borders of Spain.