The ex-husband of Pamela Anderson is ready to remarry, the actress: “Disappointed and betrayed”

Continuing the “soap opera” around the marriage fastener between Pamela Anderson and Jon Peters, in love a second time 30 years later. The former lifeguard Bay Watch and the american manufacturer have passed from the swear eternal love on the beaches of Malibu to exchange mutual accusations, in just 12 days. Not only have separated after less than two weeks, but Jon Peters has now made it back returning with the ex-girlfriend, who had left their order to marry Pamela Anderson. According to the american tabloids would already be ready to marry her, Julia Faye West, art name of the actress Julia Bernheim , that, in spite of the age difference looks like a lot of former lifeguard.

Pamela Anderson feels betrayed but does not regret

How do you explain the Sun, the, manufacturer has shown in the company of a new girlfriend to a public event. The actress, a native of Wisconsin, has played small parts in some television programs such as “The Girls of the Playboy Mansion”, “Evens Stevens” and “Hollywood a GoGo”. On the other hand, when the news of the love with Pamela Anderson was out in the open, Jon Peters had not hidden to be busy at the time with another woman. Yet, the diva, the canadian does not seem to have taken well to the choice of the ex-husband and on Instagram she wrote of feeling deeply betrayed:

We are all getting our party in this crazy world. Until we fight we are alive. Until we recognize the folly we are healthy of mind. It is better to be betrayed that trust, better to be disappointed that is not love. Don’t run, never from the pain, just deal with it and let it go. And we will be gone to the next level.

Jon Peters would have healed 200 thousand dollars in debt to Pamela Anderson

In an interview with Page Six, the producer had revealed that the actress would be green and would have exploited the feeling that he felt always against him and revive its finances. According to Jon Peters in fact, the proposal of marriage would be a match from the actress and not from him. The opposite of the one that supported the rumors, according to which Pamela would have decided to end immediately with the husband because he had shown himself to be possessive and manipulative: “Everything you have said is a lie, he had almost 200 thousand dollars in debt and no way to pay for them, then I thought about it myself and this is the thanks I get”.