The father of the Achille Lauro is a magistrate: the artist comes from a family of officers of State


Achille Lauro is the character provocateur of the moment, capable of upsetting the Festival of Sanremo with its extreme looks and eccentric, between rompers with nude-look effect and the re-enactment of Ziggy Stardust. While the public is divided between exalted and criticoni comment on its performance in sanremo in the middle between music and theater (inspired by St. Francis, David Bowie, the Marchesa Luisa Casati stampa, and the queen Elizabeth (I), few know of his private life and his family history. Those expecting the classic story of the artist damned born in a difficult environment will remain, perhaps, astonished to know that Achilles was born in Lauro De Marinis, is the son of a magistrate, and comes from a family of officials of the State.

Who is Nicola De Marinis, the father of the Achille Lauro

“I am the son of good and honest people – told of months ago, the Achille Lauro On a Sunday – My father, with whom I had a complicated relationship, is an honest person, an intellectual. I don’t come from an environment that is unbalanced”. The singer explained also to have recovered the relationship with the parent, after a difficult youth. The father is Nicola De Marinis, 62 years of age, magistrate of the Court of Cassation (the director of the Employment department) from Gravina in Puglia. Also, a university professor, he has treated approximately 150 publications in the field of employment law and trade union and been Leader of the Confindustria. Man is separated from the mother of Lauro, Cristina Zambon, which is native to the Veneto region, and collaborates with the staff of the son. However, also the brother of Lauro, Federico, is active in the world of music with the artistic name of Fet.

The family of Achille Lauro

All the paternal side of the family Achile Lauro work at the state level. The grandfather Federico De Marinis, who unfortunately passed away, was a prefect, active in Perugia from 1985 to 1992. In Umbria, are still living with the grandmother and uncles and aunts: uncle Domenico De Marinis, bank, has held the office of alderman in the budget in the Province and was part of the group the board of the Democratic Party of Torgiano. Lauro is related also with the former Prosecutor of Bari Michele De Marinis, now retired. The cousin Matteo De Marinis, 52 years of age, viceprefetto in service to Bari and was commissioner of the anti-mafia of the Town of Laureana Borrello the province of Reggio Calabria, dissolved for alleged infiltration of the ‘ndrangheta. A family important, therefore, that of the artist, who has born in Verona, grew up in Rome and now lives in Milan. As regards the love life, it seems that the Achille Lauro is engaged to for years but the identity of the lucky remains a mystery.


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