The geek De Benedetti, and the pupa Martina Mary have a great time together after the program

The Beauty and the Geek, and vice Versa, the program back on the air on Italia 1 and just finished with the victory of a pair of vice-versa, and gave birth to friendships special. Give demonstration John Tobia De Benedetti, Latin and latin lover and la romana Martina Mary that, even after the end of the show, it seems that would like to spend time together.

The shooting of John De Benedetti and Martina Mary

A shot of harmless and fun, what John Tobia De Benedetti has published on his profile on Instagram, where has resumed, intent to eat in the one that has all the air of being a trattoria, accompanied by the beautiful Martina. The two of them, for some time, I have a couple in the program, and apparently between them seems to be born a beautiful friendship. The 23-year-old accompanied the photo with a scene funny: “Is ‘ngorda, it is although everything. Ao but think ar tv your. Classic dialect noble in a roman trattoria”. An immediate response of Martina Maria a simple “I adore You” with a heart next to it. Nothing more that a day spent in the company and light-heartedness, remembering the time spent together in the spotlight.

De Benedetti, the geek latin lover

Without a doubt, De Benedetti was the nerd’s most talked about within the docu-reality. Latin and good looking has never hidden his attitude to courtship and, in fact, has not hesitated to flirt with some of the beautiful dolls that have participated in the game. If with Star Manente there has even been a passionate kiss, with his companion of adventure, Carlotta Cocina, it was a constant bicker and lash out against one another that brought them also to his disqualification from the game. Initially, the beautiful blonde thought that her nerd might harbor an interest in her regard, something that has not occurred or that, at least, was not so explicit.

“Is ‘ngorda, it is although the whole “”Ao, but think ar dish your” Classic dialect noble in a roman trattoria

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