The irony of Alena Seredova on Ilaria D’amico, Alfonso Signorini: “That sense of humor”

Wild laughter on the profile Instagram of Alfonso Signorini. The direttorissimo of “Chi” has published a photo that sees Alena Seredova smile in front of the brand specialized in canned food, in reference to Ilaria D’amico, a historic rival in love of the model and because of the rupture with Gianluigi Buffon. “As a Friend, you can trust” reads the sign and Alena Seredova laughs. Alfonso Signorini applauded: “Congratulations for the sense of humor”.

The last words of Alena Seredova on Buffon-D’amico

In addition to the great sense of humor, Alena Seredova in the past, he also had words well directed, torque-Buffon-D’amico. The most recent interview that he has seen them speak of each other in November 2018 when, in the show “Offside”, has commented on the abrupt detachment of the goalkeeper released from his children, in addition to the fact that he had not had any responsibility in the whole affair.

It was a very difficult separation from Gianluigi, but it was not my fault. With time our relationship has become mature, to the children exceeds everything. I wish them to achieve every dream and be happy, this is what counts.

And they were very different, however, the words addressed to Ilaria D’amico, although not in a direct manner were like a small pinch for the journalist Sky. Statements that the Seredova has left a little less than a year ago, in the course of the last “Who Summer Tour of” Alfonso Signorini:

My son was on vacation with my dad to Forte dei Marmi, he sent me a photo of a house for rent and said to me: “Mom, why don’t make it, so come here and we go together?” (…) It is not nice for a child to see in the bed a woman that is not the mom.

Alena Seredova has developed a very good sense of humor, but also has a very good aim when it comes to launch the arrow cross.

Congratulations to @alenaseredova for his sense of humor 😂😂😂😂 @chimagazineit

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