The joke of the Hyenas Elena Santarelli: “the Stolen money to your charity”. The videoanticipazione

Elena Santarelli in the trap of the Hyenas. The authors of the transmission of Italy One make believe the public that the secretary of Project Heal, her association that raises funds for cancer research, has taken possession of the money to woo a new flame. Appointment Tuesday from 21.10 on Italy 1. Complicit in the hoax is Gabriele Parpiglia, television writer, and friend town of Elena. The joke gets to the 38-year-old as a lightning from a clear sky: about two years ago, in fact, is the face of toe-profit association formed by families with children, the sick, the doctors and nurses who work for the care and scientific research in the field of neuro-oncology of the child, and that collects funds for the research through the support of the medical team of the Child Jesus in Rome. A commitment born in conjunction with the fight against cancer fought by the son Giamomo, healed last may after two years of treatment.