The Kissing Booth 2 : why Jacob Elordi and Joey King are separated

Many subscribers to Netflix were waiting for this date eagerly. This Friday, July 24, the streaming platform, has unveiled the second part of the movie The Kissing Booth. Fans will Joey King and Jacob Elordi – couple on the screen, but now separated in the city.

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It was the nice surprise of 2019. Last year, Netflix offered its subscribers a teen movie that had absolutely all the ingredients to please. The Kissing Booth opens onto a beautiful story of friendship between Evans and Lee Flynn – both neighbors and born on the same day, at the same time, in the same place. Over the years, the two teenagers have set of strict rules, one of them forbids them to live a love story with a member of the family of the other. A stand to kiss will come to question everything. Noah, the big brother of Lee, kiss It… in Love with the handsome athlete, she will not hesitate to cross the line and live in his arms a romance secret.

At the end of the first part, this secrecy has, of course, erupted. After a big argument with his best friend, She will be able to finally live his love story with Noah – who is leaving California to study at the university of Harvard, Boston. The stage was therefore already set for a second component. This is the romance at a distance that is at the heart of The Kissing Booth 2 – aired on Netflix since Friday, July 24. Several kilometres away from his dear and tender, She has moments of doubt. And the arrival of a certain Marco in high school does not arrange anything. If the on screen couple will do their best to save their relationship, the two main actors were not given this penalty in the scenes.

Jacob Elordi and Joey King were a couple in the city

On the shooting of the first part, and Jacob Elordi and Joey King – the interpreters of Noah and It had been a real stroke of lightning. Hand in hand at various public appearances, they were also together on the social networks… until the beginning of the year 2019. The actor of 23 years were removed, suddenly all the photos on which was his sweetheart. The ex-lovebirds had never really expressed an opinion on the reasons of their break-up, but according to the comments of Joey King in an interview with Refinery29, they would not have withstood the media pressure – and that of the fans, which are ubiquitous in their history. “When you’re going through something and that others want to live with you, or get all the details of your part on this subject, it is really difficult. Some of these things are for you… They can’t understand. This reality could be completely different and not at all what you see. “, she entrusted. Since their separation, Jacob Elordi has found love in the arms of another famous actress… Zendaya. He’s not about to go back in the shade.