The mag health : the tough choice posed to be Governed Boxelé, columnist sport

A newcomer in The mag of health on France 5, Regis Boxelé comes to decide. Between her participation on France 5 and his patients in his office, the doctor did not hesitate a second.

It is in January 2018, we come to know of the Governed Boxelé in The journal of health on France 5. Sports doctor improvised a columnist once a week, his presence at the sides of Marina Carrère d’encausse in the place of Michel Cymes has tripled since little, allowing us to find his advice three times per week. A schedule that requires a certain talent for juggling for the doctor continues to practice in the firm in Paris. “I turn to the live broadcast on the Monday and the Thursday, the Friday being recorded, does it in detail with our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. The days of filming, I arrive at 8: 30 am to prepare everything. I participate in the editorial conference, during which we debate topics. With Marina [Carrère d’encausse ED], we prepared the issue, we get updates on some of the subjects, we read the books of guests. The shoot ends around 15h30, and then I change my hat and I go to Paris Saint-Germain Handball, where I consult up to 20 hours. On Tuesday, I receive patients at the medical Institute health & fitness, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. “

To present or refer to ? He chose

In his interview with the magazine tv (all of which will be broadcast booth on Monday 17 February 2020), Governed Boxelé is presented with a horrible dilemma. Our colleagues have asked him to choose between his or her consultations in sports medicine and his cap columnist on France 5. “It would be too difficult to give up the patients. No longer do all of patientèle would fail me “, slice-there without closing the door to the producers in tv so far. If he was a ” BIG PROPOSAL “, Governed Boxelé would think about it twice. “What I do on tv fascinates me,” he concludes. At each emission, it is necessary to give the maximum, and the next day, the numbers of hearings fall. I’m the showcase of 30-40 people who work in the shadows, I have to represent the best. It is a challenge. “