The marriage of Louis Ducruet and others gossip of the weekend

The real and the ex-girlfriend of the university. Louis Ducruet and Marie Chevallie went to the wedding. The son of Stephanie of Monaco and her ex-husband and former bodyguard Daniel Ducruet, and Marie said yes first to the Royal Palace and then in St. Nicholas Cathedral, the same place where thel prince Ranieri and Grace Kelly took in the scene, their tale more than 50 years ago.

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The great absent, princess Charlene. Present, however, all the others: the prince Alberta, caroline of Monaco, Charlotte Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam, Beatrice Borromeo, Pierre Casiraghi, Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo.

She, a French of vietnamese origin, has changed three dresses. But not only the wedding: the last weekend of July, has told many other stories:

How would that change the life of Kate Middleton with the fourth child
For months, rumour has it that the Duchess of Cambridge dreams of expanding the family. And now an expert of real explained that the rumor is well-founded: with a other son, the wife of William would have an excuse to escape the unwelcome public commitments, and maybe be able to give it to Charlotte, surrounded by male siblings, a little sister. The INDISCRETION

The “fake” list of prohibitions that angers Harry and Meghan
Forbidden to ask for news of the little Archie, to greet the duke of Sussex, even fondle their dogs. The slew of rules communicated to the neighbors of the royal couple has sparked controversy, even if those directly affected, concerned about their image, were quick to let you know that nothing to do with it. THE LIST

Is (really) over between Samanta Togni and Christian Panucci
After three years, the teacher of “Dancing with the Stars” and the former football player and coach put an end to their relationship. THE GOSSIP

Bravo to Bradley Cooper, who in the end you (and you are left alone)
With Lady Gaga was (is) a true love or are they acting? He will never leave Irina? We were asking ourselves just a few months ago, and at least one response at the end has arrived. That is why today we congratulate the actor for having done a little bit of clarity. THE STORY

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When Jack Nicholson discovered that his sister was his mother
The actor was 37 years old when a journalist revealed with a phone call, the dark secret in the family: the woman who had grown up and which he had always called mother was actually her grandmother. THE SECRET

Matteo Salvini and greetings from the social to the girlfriend Francesca Verdini
The deputy prime minister, 46-year-old posted a photo along with his girlfriend, twenty younger: “happy birthday, girl!!”. THE POST

Selma Blair rasa hair and look to the future: “My son says “mom is not sick, she is brave””
Selma Blair, after the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, facing the disease with courage. And a pinch of irony: “I’ll be immunocompromessa for three months… not baciatemi!”. All for his Arthur, 8 years. THE BATTLE