“The Me against You you are left with”: the response of Willow and Sofì in a video on Instagram

A news story nothing short of incredible he has done in a very short time around the web, alarming thousands and thousands of small fans that, immediately, they asked for confirmation to the protagonists of the event: western bonelli’s Warbler and Sofì, also known by their stage name of “Me against You, you are left with”. Nothing more false, according to what is said by the two young youtuber who have reassured their fans by posting a story on Instagram in which they categorically denied the news.

The denial of western bonelli’s Warbler and Sofì

Could not get a denial loud and clear by Luigi Calagna and Sofia Scalia, the 27-year-old and the 23-year-old that have become known to the public, and especially youtube, with the name of “Me against You”, and which have come to represent an icon in the world of the web. “Hi guys, good morning, we have said that there is a rumor around that says that we have left and the answer is no, we’re not left with much of the kiss pops on the cheek.

What do the “Me against You”

For those who are fasting in the world of Youtube, it is necessary to explain what the deal with the two boys and because they arrived to be so popular. Their journey began a little to your own game on the video platform with a simple goal: to turn and upload the funny video in which they are the protagonists. The experts call them vlogs, a sort of “video diary” in which the characters, the day-to-day from their channel, tell the world of the web hilarious moments of their life. Sofi and Willow in particular, is directed at an audience of children and adolescents, by posting content suitable for that specific target, such as games, challenges, or experiments that help children discover the world around them. Their first video, which dates back to 2014, for example, is the “Maze Runner Challenge”, a challenge inspired by the movie fantasy of success: the two guys challenge each other to draw on a tablet a maze and to get out of it in the shortest possible time. Among those the most clicked there is video on the Slime, the jelly malleable and colourful kids crazy. Sofì and Willow are having fun building it, blindfolded.