The message on the bus and embarrass prince Andrew, who was involved in a scandal, child trafficking

The potential scandal of prince Andrew, the heir of English royalty, and involved in an investigation for child trafficking linked to the american billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, continues to bring embarrassment to the royal house. Are today’s pictures of a bus stationed in front of Buckingham Palace, on which stood a sign with the face of prince Andrew and a message: “If anyone of you has seen this man, ask him to please call the Fbi and answer the questions”..

The messages on the school bus

The idea was to Gloria Allred, the lawyer of some of the girls that considered alleged victims of Epstein, and it aims to denounce the lack of co-operation of the duke of York with the investigators in the Us and the Fbi. The one above was not the only message on the school bus brought outside of one of the most popular places of London. On the other side, next to the photo of Andrea, there was another writing that was a reference to the recent birthday of Andrew:

The prince has made two days ago, 60 years in a lower tone, without public celebrations, after being forced to step aside from positions of official representation of the royal family because of the scandal. On him lies, amongst other things, is suspected of having taken advantage of the favours of at least one of the “sex slave” of Epstein, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who at the time had not yet 18 years old.

The scandal Epstein

The story of the scandal, which in recent months has reached a size that was almost uncontrollable for the royal family, which has had to manage the story. One of the victims of Epstein, Virginia Roberts Giuffre said that he had been forced to have sex with the royal when she was 17 years old: “the prince knows what he’s done,” and I hope that “tell the truth about everything,” said the girl. Jeffrey Epstein was an entrepreneur, and american criminal, arrested for sexual abuse and international trafficking of children, in a story that would have involved more than 10 000 children. In 2019 and died in prison in mysterious circumstances.

Prince Andrew and the hopes of succession

Prince Andrew is duke of York, second son of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and of Philip, duke of Edinburgh, and the seventh in the line of succession for the inheritance of the throne of England, but in these last months, in order to turn off the hype about the story, the queen has decided to make it appear less as possible in public.