“The passion between Ignazio Moser and Anna Safroncik, is in crisis, with Cecilia Rodriguez,” he blurts: “False”,

The gossip of the week of August still sees the protagonist a Rodriguez: don’t speak, however, of Belen, and the marriage ended up with Stefano De Martino, but sister Cecilia, who according to some rumors it would be in a crisis with Ignazio Moser, so much so that he interrupted a vacation together, leaving him in Sardinia. And that’s not all, because it is spoken of as a sudden flirtation between he and Anna Safroncik, an actress from “The three roses of Eve”, that you would be consumed on the island after the expulsion of argentina. Inevitably, here comes the denial from the part of the former gieffino.

The gossip of flirting between Moser and Anna Safrocik, he denies

“Is now officially over, the relationship between Cecilia Rodriguez and Ignazio Moser – the alleged scoop released some days ago by the weekly Today – After heavy disagreements (even the public editor’s note) these last few days culminating in a quarrel slapstick, a few nights ago at Just Cavalli Porto Cervo, the two have said definitely goodbye. Last night Ignatius has left the Billionaire in the company of the actress, Anna Safroncik, which would burst an overwhelming passion and unleashed. Only a fire of straw or the beginning of a new love? Ah, know.” Actually, according to the reciprocal stories, both Moser that Safroncik were present the same evening in the local founded by Flavio Briatore. According to other rumors, however, there would have been no approach romantic between the two. To clear definitely the field from the misunderstandings, Moser intervened with a video that does not leave space to doubts and directly attacks the press:

They are shooting the news call it false you just. Are great p….ate. I ask these great characters who identify themselves as journalists to inform themselves better before writing things up, when there is something to say I tell you to.

Denies even Anna Safroncik

If Moser has not denied in clear and direct way the crisis with Cecilia Rodriguez, it is evident the intent to quit once and for all the discourse on Safroncik, who for now is happily betrothed, and he is spending the holidays in Sardinia with his partner, as he explained to her: “I do Not have the gift of ubiquity! Then beware of fake news!“, is intervened by the actress ukraine, putting an end to one of the most sensational scandals of this summer vip.