The passion in the boat for Gigi Buffon and D’amico, the flat belly of Ilaria’s rep denies pregnancy

Snuggle up in the sun for Gigi Buffon and Ilaria D’amico. The former goalkeeper of Juventus and the Italian national football team and a sports journalist you are enjoying the summer now officially started. The paparazzi of the weekly Who have photographed the two in the boat from the island of Elba and the Argentario. According to the shots, the two seem to be alone. In the pictures does not appear, nor the children born from the previous stories of love, or the little Leopold, the child born from the relationship with the sample. Vacation relaxation for the two that have managed to carve out some time to spend time together.

No pregnancy on the horizon

The flat belly of the D’amico demonstrates that there would be no pregnancy, differently from what indicated the rumors appeared on the network on behalf of the two in the last period. The charm, however, is unchanged: Ilaria is beautiful as it was at the beginning of the love story with Buffon, when the former Juventus goalkeeper lost his head for her despite the bond prior to ex-wife Alena Seredova.

Rumors about the pregnancy

For about two months and chase each other in a network a series of rumors about a possible third pregnancy of a Friend. To unleash the gossip had been, even in that case, some of the photos published by the weekly magazine Chi that showed Ilaria show off a little belly, slightly rounded, covered by a maxi dress to paintings that seemed to want to suggest the intention to hide the shapes of the journalist. In reality, the new shots in the boat do not show any of the roundness of concern: Ilaria and Gigi would not seem, in the position of having to prepare to become parents bis. The attention of the two remain focused on next year’s football out of the tunnel and the voices that would like to see ready to return to Juventus for a year.