The photo of Lady Gaga with the new boyfriend, the love with Bradley Cooper was just stuff from Oscar

Apparently it is true, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had fooled everyone. Anyone watching their complicity and photos together on the streets of New York, had decreed the birth of this great love, and instead, according to the exclusive issue of the american magazine People, the singer has a new boyfriend named Dan Horton.

Lady Gaga and the kiss with Dan Horton

The fairy tale ending that saw one of the most beloved actors and areas of Hollywood, Bradley Cooper, leave the beautiful girlfriend Irina Shayk, in his mad love for Lady Gaga broke out on the set of “A star is born“, has crumbled under the effect of an instant and undeniable ‘click’. The american magazine People, in fact, has published the exclusive photos that depict the star with his new flame. After about six months from the break with the “almost” husband, as well as his agent, Christian Cute, Lady Gaga seems to have found love in the arms of Dan Horton. Sunday 28 July, the two were spotted intent to do a brunch at the restaurant Granville in Studio City, California. The photos that portray them together, leaving no space for interpretations, the two are hand in hand, embraced and then wrapped in a passionate kiss. As revealed by the magazine, the confirmations would come not only from the shots, but also from the witnesses who have been able to establish the continuous effusions between the two.

Who is Dan Horton

The 37-year-old would work for her, as a sound technician, from 2018 onwards, and is also the owner of the Audio group Engineering and Consulting, according to his Linkedin profile, and he has previously worked with other artists like Camila Cabello, Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake. The new flame of Lady Gaga would have a marriage behind him, with the actress Autumn Guzzardi, currently on Broadway. The two were married in 2013 and in 2016 they would have ended their relationship.

The alleged cohabitation with Bradley Cooper

A few weeks ago, the entries were certainly a rapprochement between the singer and her partner on the big screen, Bradley Cooper, announcing even a upcoming cohabitation, with the transfer of Gaga at the house of the actor. The gossip about their alleged story goes now ahead by months, then stepped up the most after the performance, during the night of the Oscars, which has seen them close and accomplices. That Cooper has left his partner, Irina Shayk, after 4 years together and a child, it is well-known, but the reason it seems not to be the passion between him and the interpreter of “Shallow”.