The replica of Eva Henger: “I never received any confidences from Eliana Michelazzo on Simone Coppi” had learned from sources close to Eva Henger and her husband, Massimiliano Caroletti, that already at the beginning of may, weeks before his confession to Live – Not the D’urso, Eliana Michelazzo would confess to spouses who have learned the fake husband Simone Coppi did not exist after only six months from the beginning of their virtual relationship. Unlike what is told on tv, where the owner of the Aicos Management has confessed that he never knew that his relationship was fake and they suffered, for this reason, a serious damage. More than ten years married to a man that, in reality, did not exist, in what appeared to be a fax similar to the story of Pamela Meadows with Mark Caltagirone.

Eva Henger wanted to refute what was reported for the preparation of the, putting distance between you and these alleged confidences fattele by Eliana Michelazzo, and outdistancing even her husband, Massimiliano Caroletti, all this behind the scenes. With a message, the showgirl communicates his request for rectification:

Dear editorial staff, I followed what you posted yesterday about eliana michelazzo and simone coppi: I never received any confidence about the michelazzo. Deny so categorically the circumstance you attribuitami. The same is true of my husband, Massimiliano Caroletti. Therefore, please rectify as soon as possible and the slander of the news. Eva Henger.

At the moment, the case of the marriage of Pamela Meadows is waiting for new developments. It was, without a doubt, one of the cases that has most attracted the attention of the public, for the force with which it is imposed, initially, in the world of gossip, to then sink into the abyss of details of the most sordid and unexpected. In the meantime, Live – is Not the D’urso has been extended until July.