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The Voice 2023: Zazie Struggles Before Semi-Finals

On Saturday, May 20th 2023, the TF1 talent show The Voice aired a new unaired episode. This was the last recorded episode before the semi-finals, which will be broadcast live on the first channel from the 27th of May. The Super Cross Battles challenge saw 16 candidates face off, with each coach choosing one of their talents and another coach to face them. During this episode, former The Voice coach Mika made his return as the Super Coach with the power to vote for his favorite talents, which constituted 10% of the final result of each Super Cross Battle. At the end of the episode, which was watched by an average of 3.12 million viewers, eight candidates secured their tickets to the semi-finals of The Voice 2023, scheduled for Saturday, May 27th 2023. These were Aurelien, Micha, Arslane, Kiona, Jeremy Levif, Fanchon, Dame and Hanna. Big Flo and Oli had the joy of seeing three of their protégés continue the adventure, while Zazie was the big loser with only one of her talents qualifying for the semi-finals. Amel Bent and Vianney’s teams will be represented by two candidates each. During the semi-final, the talents will perform a song of their choice and have the chance to sing in duet with their coach. The public will have the only power to designate the finalists among the 8 talents still in competition by choosing their 4 favorite talents, all teams combined. At the end of the semi-Final, the coaches could find themselves without any talent in the final of The Voice 2023.



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