The Voice 9 : insulted in her community, a candidate for a gypsy fighting for sing

Nessa will move the public as much by her voice as by its history. The young woman, the outcome of the traveller community, has decided to break a tradition, patriarchal in going to sing on the set of The Voice.

This Saturday, 22 February, viewers of The Voice will hear the voice of Nessa. This young woman from the traveller community has decided to be present in the emission to pass on a message. Feminist, the singer goes against the tradition according to which the singing in public is reserved for men. “The music has a very important place among the gypsies. The males sing a lot. The women also, but in the house, ” she explains in an excerpt broadcast by TF1. Put in light, it is another world. And this other world, it is reserved to men. “In an interview for Closer, Nessa presents a sad statement :” Our community is very patriarchal. […] The song is seen as a weapon of seduction and a woman has the right to seduce the one person in her life : her husband. “

Nessa uses The Voice as a voice

Nessa has chosen to interpret The Grenade of Clara Luciani, an anthem for strong women which necessarily has a particular resonance in it. “Even if I take a full figure by participating in The Voice, I do it for the gypsy women who want to be able to finally sing “, she explains to Closer. When she started to do so in public, the young woman was very badly received : “I have been mocked and insulted her, she says. There has been a lot of misunderstanding, because this is all new that a gypsy woman would want to be in the light like that and demand to be free. A gypsy model must obey. I don’t want to do. “Even his family didn’t want her to choose this voice : “ My friends and relatives tried to dissuade me from singing in public for a very long time , “says Nessa, who has finally managed to have their support after a tragic event.

There are two and a half years, the gypsy has fallen seriously ill. A painful time which she used to do hear because its close : “I asked them an ultimatum. I told them : “If I have to be submitted again and did not sing, might as well not cure me. I want this life or I shall die.” “Her parents have finally accepted his passion and accompanied her on the set of the Voice. To his great surprise, Nessa saw the pride in the eyes of his father and heard their applause. “I was immensely affected, because it was symbolic “, she confides to Closer. If the road is still long to be accepted as she is, Nessa continues the fight. We haven’t to hear his voice.