The Voice 9 : this detail is “crucial”, which has prompted Lara Fabian to accept the role of coach


Lara Fabian is one of the new coaches of the season 9 of The Voice. The singer’s fear was, however, a rule of the télécrochet of TF1.

This Saturday, January 18, The Voice is back on TF1. For this 9th season, the production of the télécrochet has relied on an all-new cast. Mika, Soprano, Julien Clerc and Jenifer will be replaced by Amel Bent, Pascal Obispo, Marc Lavoine, and Lara Fabian. These coaches will benefit from a mechanically simplified compared to previous editions. In addition to the removal of the flights of the talents, the faithful of the show will notice that the eliminated candidates in blind auditions will still be entitled to a little word of a quartet of singers. Last season, the unhappy participants went into effect at them in indifference the most complete.

An important detail

And this injustice, Lara Fabian couldnít take it anymore. And this is a very important point that has allowed him to make his decision before agreeing to participate in the ninth season of The Voice. “When the production called me to offer me the role, I immediately wanted to know if the turning of wheelchairs in the event of a refusal was going to come back. It seems crucial to explain to an artist why we have not chosen “, she assured with Tv 7 Days.

And if Lara Fabian were certainly not let go a talent even without him address a word, it is because she has already had an experience of a coach in The Voicein Quebec in 2018. “In Quebec, the coaches have not stopped to turn, she entrusted. The public would never have tolerated this process… In addition to being rude, it’s cruel. It is important to give the tenderness, to have empathy and at least a look for those who said ”no”. “Anyway, the singer of 50 years would not be private in order to divert the rule. What to do cringe-production, already nettled by his lack of competitive spirit.


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