The Youtubeur French ExperimentBoy accused of corruption of a minor

The Youtubeur Baptist Mortar-Dumont is the subject of two complaints of corruption of a minor. Numerama has also collected the stories of many alleged victims. All have received sexual messages, explicit on the part of the videographer.

In 2018, the hashtag #BalanceTonYoutubeur, accusing the videographers of misappropriation of minors, had set fire to the canvas. Without effect, until now. Two years later, the languages continue to come untied , and this time, it is the Youtubeur French Experiment Boy who is in the eye of the cyclone. According to Numerama, the videographer, which has over a million subscribers is accused of having taking advantage of her notoriety to make advances to young adolescents, sending of messages, photos and videos of sexual. Two complaints have already been filed for the corruption of a minor, and a reporting class has been sent to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Lyon. But Numerama does not stop there, and has collected a dozen stories of young fans accusing the Youtubeur abuse.

Explicit proposals

The five victims were minors under 15 years of age at the time when the Baptist Mortar-Dumont would have sent for the first time invitations to exchange naked pictures, photos of sex, or proposals for masturbation concurrent,” write our colleagues, stating that the facts occurred between 2013 and 2019. “I could do what he wanted. He asked me to do things, showed me what he was doing. He advised me to go buy some sex objects, what I’ve done,” said an alleged victim. Messages of this kind, Numerama has collected and published dozens, where Baptist Mortar-Dumont, his real name, made proposals explicit sexual teens, while asking them not to reveal anything. “Imagine that it is lying on the hot all the two and I pass a hand in your hair. And the other I will mass the stomach gently (…) Of small caresses and massage, gently, while breathing deeply (…) I just put my mouth on your must stop stomach to make him kisses all soft, “he reportedly wrote to a twelve year old boy. By the voice of his lawyer, ExperimentBoy announced sign-up “in false face accusations defamatory”. Since 15 June, the date of the first allegations published on Twitter, the Baptist Mortar-Dumont no longer has anything posted on his social networks.