Thomas Sotto Splits: End of Relationship with Influencer Mayada Boulos!


The end of a story

The end of a story that had sown discord in Thomas Sotto’s career! Between the 49-year-old affable journalist and Mayada Boulos (41 years old), the break-up would have been agreed upon without providing any further details. We do know, however, that the journalist and the political communication expert, who is the mother of two children, had been a couple for a few years and their romance had been revealed in the open, much against their will.

Thomas Sotto’s decision

It was Thomas Sotto who was forced to officially confirm their relationship at the end of 2021, at the beginning of the presidential campaign. At the time, it was announced that he would no longer present his political show on France 2. The Julia Vignali sidekick was removed from the program because of his couple. And for good reason, it was seen as a kind of conflict of interest since Mayada Boulos was the communication director of Prime Minister Jean Castex. Like Léa Salamé before, who had put her career on hold out of love for Raphaël Glucksmann, Thomas Sotto could no longer fully perform his job. He himself had confirmed his withdrawal during an interview with Le Parisien. “A personal event, which I do not wish to develop because it concerns my private life, leads me to make a simple and clear decision: during the presidential campaign, I have chosen to withdraw from my program“. A decision he considered “difficult and, in a way, quite unfair”. Thomas Sotto was nevertheless able to put things in perspective: “My only consolation is to be the first man to step aside for a woman, while until now it was always them who were asked to stay at home”.

Mayada Boulos’ new job

In the summer of 2022, Mayada Boulos landed a new job that allowed her to return to the shadows. That of co-executive president of the large Havas France group. A group she knows well, since she had already worked there before gravitating around the government.


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