Three Brothers Dream: From Small Town to Successful Summit


The Three Brothers: A Story of Overcoming

They were born and live in a beautiful village in the Catalan Pyrenees, Meranges, with less than 100 inhabitants and where there were hardly any children. From a young age, their parents instilled in them a passion for skiing and what started as a hobby has become their life project. They are young but have their ideas very clear: to give it all and fight against the current for their dreams: to reach the Olympics and share the podium the three brothers. They have won Spanish Championships, have competed in European Cups against Olympic athletes and have been in the top positions … and all this without having more help than their enormous constancy and effort.

Spectacular and Exciting Images and Videos

Lucas, Oliver and Anton have specialized in freestyle skiing in the bumps and jumps modality, a spectacular sport that requires a lot of training and that leaves us with such spectacular and exciting images and videos as these: The three brothers, when they were little. 2021/2022 season in Chiesa in Valmalenco (Italy), after their first Junior World Championships. Lucas on the left and Oliver on the right. If you want to know them better, you can enter their Instagram profiles by clicking on each one: Los hermanos Verdaguer ​​Lucas Verdaguer ​​Oliver Verdaguer ​​Anton Verdaguer

Discover More About Their Story

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