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Tina Turner’s turbulent life: Ike’s violence, love for Erwin, tragic death of children.

Tina Turner’s Private Life

Little Ann, as she was called at the beginning because her real name is Anna Mae Bullock, when she was just seventeen she met the musician Ike Turner. Immediately began a double alliance: artistic and loving. At the time Tina was already a mother of Craig, had by the saxophonist Raymond Hill. When in 1962 she married Ike with a frugal ceremony in Tijuana, Mexico, the musician adopted Graig. The following year the singer gave birth to her second son, Ronnie. Then the couple adopted Ike Junior and Michael. In the sixties, Tina and Ike were the most famous rock couple. But behind the facade, married life was hell. Ike drank, took drugs, filled Tina with punches. “He threw boiling coffee in my face, causing third-degree burns. He used my nose as a boxing bag so many times that I could feel the blood running down my throat when I sang. He broke my jaw. And I couldn’t remember how it was not to have a black eye,” Tina told in the 2018 biography My Love Story.

Tina’s Escape from Violence

Revealing that to escape the violence of her husband (who died in 2007 of an overdose) she came to attempt suicide: “I thought death was the only way out. One night I took fifty sleeping pills. Fortunately I woke up. I was unhappy, but I had overcome the darkness. I was destined to survive.” In 1976, after a concert in Dallas, returning to the hotel Ike massacred her on the street. The next morning she put on dark glasses to hide the wounds and left stealthily with only 36 cents in her wallet. She found the courage to leave him because “I was living a life of death”. And at almost forty years old she started over again playing in bars and suburban venues. In a short time she became a planetary star.

Tina’s New Love

In 1985 love also arrived. Tina met the German composer Erwin Bach. She was 46 years old, he was 30. But the age difference did not cause the rock lioness any inhibition: “One night when we were sitting close together, at yet another work dinner, I said to myself: ‘I don’t care. Now I’m asking him.’ I looked at him – he was so beautiful with his Lacoste shirt, jeans and sockless loafers – and I whispered: ‘Erwin, when you come to America I want you to make love to me.’ He slowly turned his head and looked at me as if he couldn’t believe his ears. Nor could I believe I had actually uttered those words! His first thought was: ‘But these Californian girls are really uninhibited.’ But I wasn’t like that. I was struggling to recognize myself. ” In 1989, when the relationship had already been going on for three years, Erwin Bach asked Tina to marry him. She accepted and in July 2013 the two got married.



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