Tiziano Ferro Love: Feel the Passion.


Unconditional Love

I have always believed in true love, unique, only, imperfect, absolute. Nothing less, never… I have spent my life looking for unconditional love, the one that makes you a child again… I have always loved silence, now I listen to your voice in the next room and I feel at home… It’s me and my love, ready to change the world. Maybe not today, because today is our day.

Coffee and Desire

In this story coffee has a very important role. Just like the cliché wants: where there is an Italian, there is coffee and a desire. And it is not necessarily the desire to drink it. It was June 25th, 2016, Tiziano Ferro was in the Warner Bros. studios to shoot the video of Valore assoluto, the song that was supposed to be the first single of the album Il mestiere della vita that would be released at the end of that year. There had been special effects, car accidents, rollovers, stuntmen and explosions. Tiziano had the unpleasant feeling that all this mess had little to do with his song. And maybe to keep that subtle discontent at bay, he had the desire for a coffee. Not just any coffee, though: a Starbucks coffee. Victor Allen had just landed from Las Vegas and he just wanted to go straight home, to his dogs. But on the way he realized he needed some documents that were on his desk. He had diverted the car to his vice president of consumer products marketing office, at the Studios. They crossed in a corridor. “Is there a Starbucks here?” Tiziano asked. “No, not here, but if you really want Starbucks, we’ll go tomorrow”. And her? “I went home with his phone number saved on my cell phone, I called my friend Alessandra and I asked her: what should I do?” Answer? “Tiziano, if you don’t go, you’re an idiot”. I went. For the record: then the video was disgusting and we threw it away. Valore assoluto never became the first single of the album. One of these things that were supposed to be but never were escaped, and it was the meeting with Victor, which instead became the biggest thing of all.

A Dream Come True

“Wow, a civil union. Who would have thought that the first civil union I would attend would be my own!” (Tiziano Ferro’s speech after the celebration of his civil union. Sabaudia, July 14th, 2019) “Husband” is the word he will never pronounce during this interview, who knows if out of modesty or lack of habit. Instead he will say “marriage” many times, once – hesitating and laughing – even “in-laws”. “For people of my generation, the idea that two men could get married was inconceivable, maybe that’s why I never allowed myself to imagine it. As if tomorrow someone came and told me: do you want to go on vacation to the Moon in August?”. He has the face of someone who has been to the Moon.


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