Tom Hanks is affected by the coronavirus : the actor was released from the hospital, his wife Rita Wilson remains hospitalized

A few days after it was placed in isolation, tested positive for the coronavirus, Tom Hanks is finally released from the hospital as announced by the australian authorities. His wife, Rita Wilson, will also be affected by the virus, remains hospitalized.

This is the first personality of hollywood to have announced the troubling news. A few days ago, it is through social networks thatTom Hanks was know to his fans that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, have been tested positive for the coronavirus : “What can we do now ? The medical authorities have protocols that must be respected. We, the Hanks, will betested, examined and isolated for as long as necessary for the public health. We can’t do much else than see to the day-to-day, not true ? “said then american actor of 63 years. Hospitalized in Australia, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have continued to communicate about their state of health. So, Sunday the 15th of march, it is on his account Instagram that the illustrious interpreter of Forrest Gump was eager to reassure his fans with a snapshot of one of his snacks to the hospital. Two slices of bread product of Vegemite, a australian that divides the taste buds.

Australia on alert

This Tuesday, 17 march, australian authorities have announced that Tom Hanks is finally released from the hospital. For all that, his wife Rita Wilson remains hospitalized. Before being tested positive Covid-19, the singer, 63-year-old had given concerts in Brisbane and Sydney. For his part, Tom Hanks was also in the country of the kangaroos, on the Gold Coast, more specifically, for the filming of the upcoming biopic on Elvis Presley, directed by Baz Luhrmann, when it also contracted the virus. Now, and as indicated by our colleagues at Ouest France, the australian authorities are looking for anyone who may have been in contact with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and who might be likely to have been contaminated. Meanwhile, other stars have been announced have also been tested positive for the coronavirus,similar to Idris Elba or Olga Kurylenko.