Tomorrow belongs to us : how Ingrid Chauvin saw the pregnancy of her character

In Tomorrow belongs to us, Ingrid Chauvin embodies the character of Chloe Delcourt, who becomes pregnant. A role that keeps him a little too much to heart.

It is the plot that Ingrid Chauvin feared the most. In the series Tomorrow belongs to us, the character of Chloe Delcourtfalls pregnant after many attempts. A very sensitive topic for the actress of 46 years who has lived the worst for a parent : the death of his daughter Jade, in 2014. And even though two years later, she has had the joy of giving birth to her little Tom, the wife of Thierry Peythieu will keep a scar for life from this trauma. Embody a forty-something woman trying everything to conceive a child, therefore, has not been easy.

Fiction or reality ?

“Playing a pregnant woman is not always obvious to me, but I manage. I am able to make the share of things between what I’ve been able to live and what I interpret, even if sometimes it really does echo “, she had confided in Tv Leisure, then, that his character has almost lost her baby after the incredible fire, which has ravaged the mas oyster working where the character of Alex, her companion in the series. While the pregnancy of Chloe Delcourt is now well established in the plot of the program, Ingrid Chauvin is gradually taking his brands and taste again the joys of motherhood. The actress even takes sometimes a little too much with the game. This may even cause some frustrations, especially concerning the sex of the baby.

“No, I was not always said anything ! If it happens, Alex and I, we’re going to discover on the day of the birth of Chloe. The authors are able to marinate until June ! “, she assured. Ingrid Chauvin confuse the fiction with reality : “What is funny is that it happens to me to think about it and ask me if everything will be okay, if he’s going to have a c-section or not ? As in real life finally ! “As long as it does not feel also all the pain