Tomorrow belongs to us : why Donia Eden (Chemsa) leaves the series for TF1

The great family of Tomorrow belongs to us loses another one of its members. In an interview with Tv Star, Donia Eden – who embodies the character of Chemsa – announced that she was leaving the series of TF1.

It is December 2019 as the fans of Tomorrow belongs to us have discovered for the first time the character of Chemsa. Embodied by Donia Eden, the young woman moved to Sète in the apartment of the captain Karim Saeed – enough to annihilate all the hopes of viewers who wanted to see the police fall back in the arms of the lovely Anna Delcourt. If Chemsa and Karim displayed a beautiful accessory, they are not really a couple. The fake lovebirds are forced to play the comedy for the beautiful brunette is part of the program of protected witnesses. And it will very soon be her freedom. When asked by Tv Star – to be published on Monday, 27 July -, Donia Eden announced that the plot around his character was going to end soon and that she would appear more on the screen. “From the outset, I said that I would not stay, but as the duet with Samy Gharbi was working well, we wrote a beautiful plot, which will be concluded this summer, ” she explained.

Another actress has announced her departure Tomorrow belongs to us

The actress – who turns 30 years old in a few weeks – fly to new horizons. On August 5, it will be on France 2, the cast of the telefilm The Michtonneuses. Donia Eden is not the one to say goodbye to his classmates Tomorrow belongs to us. A week ago, this is Charlotte Valandrey, who revealed to his subscribers on Instagram that she was leaving the daily soap opera of TF1. “The stories around my character, not new ones kept on coming it’s not enough. I was absent a little too often with the production it was decided by mutual agreement that I was going to stop. You will see me again more in Tomorrow belongs to us “, she said before adding : “We are going to see through the screen, but in a new way. This is the life of soap operas… In any case, I spent very good moments and now I move on to something else. “After enjoying the sun of Sète, the future is bright for the two actresses.