Tonight at Baba : why fans of Cyril Hanouna no longer meet the appointment

Cyril Hanouna has seen better days. Since one month, the famous host takes control of his talk show daily live from her living room. But viewers are less likely to watch.

Cyril Hanouna is not the type to let go of its fans. Tuesday, march 17, the first day of confinement in France, the hellion of the PAF has decided to prioritise the health of its teams in animating TPMP from home. But his talk-show, renamedtonight at Baba, multiplies the controversy. Monday, April 6, the host star of C8 has referred to the existence of a map of the Hexagon, is supposed to represent the order of déconfinement of each region and city. A fake news that has earned him the ire of the viewers and which has forced Christophe Castaner bang one’s fist on the table. “What is worrying is that it can be relayed, it can be resumed, and that some believe this to be a truth,” said the minister of the Interior in C to you. This would not even have had to be released. “

Tonight at Baba neglected by the viewers

And it only stops unfortunately not there. Tuesday, April 14, Cyril Hanouna has proposed a top 20 special couples during which he released a preview of the issue It could be discussed. The opportunity to reflect upon the images of the cults of a number where a woman very authoritarian and often took it out on her husband, who had returned later than expected from work. “It is not too much to complain about ! People who live with women who are very authoritarian, it is that they like it in principle, responded to columnist Jean-Michel Mayor. They like to be bullied. It is a thrill ! I have a buddy, he gets all sorts of abuse like that and I tell him to stop ! I promise you ! “Of the about extremely shocking when we know that domestic violence are on the rise in this difficult period.

But if there’s one thing that you can blame on Cyril Hanouna, it is its lack of neutrality. While his competitors, Yann Barthes and Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, never express their point of view, ” Baba “, he does not hesitate to take the defence of character controversial. “Me, I don’t know Didier Raoult but I tell you the truth, I have a certain tenderness for him and I love him well “, he let go of Wednesday 15 April. And continue : “I like it, I am never hidden here and I think that there are a lot of people who are trying to put a spoke in the wheels because there is a problem also in this country, is that when people want to make things happen, we say : “Why is it not me who makes things happen, why it is the other ?” “.

A month after the launch This evening at Baba, the positions and drifts of the facilitator and its columnists seem to tire the audience. “A little over a million viewers of Cyril Hanouna have suddenly plummeted, and had to be divided by two on some evenings,” write our colleagues from Télérama. As reported by the specialized site Puremédias, the talk-show C8 was attended by 916 000 viewers on Wednesday, 15 April, while Daily gathered 2.02 million. A gap vertiginous Cyril Hanouna must be across the throat.