Top Chef 11 : eliminated, Justine Piluso conjures up the atmosphere between the candidates behind the scenes


Ray of the sun of the eleventh season of Top Chef, Justine Piluso was facing formidable opponents. The issue remaining before all-a cooking contest, the young woman confides that this was “not the world of care bears” on the shooting.

It is the talented and bubbly Justine Piluso, who was eliminated at the end of the number of Top Chef this Wednesday 25 march. This candidate is very energetic, the beaming smile, left the contest in the sixth week of competition after a test of the last chance, on the theme ” The oyster in one bite “. A difficult time for the young woman, who was eliminated in the blind man by his chief of brigade, Paul Pairet, at the end of a clash with his fellow Mory Sacko. “It was the cold shower I find myself face-to-Mory. I would have preferred to have anyone rather than someone from my team, and especially him, that I greatly appreciate. It was very poorly both during the event “, she confides to TV Mag. It must be said that if Justine Piluso has annoyed some viewers, she was very endearing in the eyes of the jury of Top Chef and most of his opponents.

Justine Piluso confides on the atmosphere behind the scenes

When she was selected for the show, Justine Piluso wondered what sauce she was to be eaten. “I’m dreading a bit the spirit of competition,” she says in the TV Mag, and finally it has not all happened like that. “The young woman, on the contrary, found the candidates very sympathetic :” From the beginning, all the world is heard very well. Within my brigade, it was very close. Mory and Adrien are now friends, we take news, there is help. I also regularly on the phone Diego, Nastasia, Gratian, Jordan… I could name all of them ! The atmosphere was outstanding. “However, Justine Piluso states that it is important to keep in mind thatTop Chef is still a contest, and that everyone is not only there to make friends. “After that, it was not the world of care bears, far from it,” she says in the TV Mag. There was pressure and everyone wanted to win. “In a competition also mediated, there is no one to butter the toast.


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