Top Solitaire Card Games on App Store You Should Play Today

If you have played Solitaire on your PC and wish to carry the game along with you everywhere, especially on your iPhone or iPad, then this is your day. On the App Store, you will come across a wide range of Solitaire games for your phone. But what are these games? Well, below you’re about to find out the best Solitaire card games on the App Store, as follows: 


FreeCell is a free Henley X . The difference between this one and other Solitaire games is that you will distribute all the 52 cards across eight columns. Usually, the first four columns have seven face-up cards each, then the other four piles, six face-up cards each. On the top left, just above the dealt cards, are four free spaces called FreeCells that are used to store cards that can’t be moved across the tableau. On the top right are four foundations called HomeCells where you will move your Aces to. The idea of this pastime is to move the cards around the tableau and access an Ace underneath to add it to your right top. Overall, the purpose of this game is to build HomeCells by suit in ascending order from Ace to King.

Destination Solitaire

This is another Solitaire online game you will find on the App Store. Destination Solitaire is a twist to the traditional one and allows you to visit various world destinations as you play your game online. Destination Solitaire will deal the cards randomly, and all you have to do is to touch a card that matches the other based on their order, either in ascending or descending regardless of the color. For example, if you have a 2, you can match it with a three or an A by tapping it. On matching the cards at the top with the ones at the bottom, you will be moved to the next destination with the strategy still the same. 

Spider Solitaire

This classic Solitaire is quite simple to navigate. Foremost, cards are dealt in the tableau and your goal is to keep adding the cards to the 10 tableau columns in the descending order by suit with the King as the highest card and the Ace as the lowest one. You will do this until each column is complete with the 13 cards in the required order. After, all the cards are transferred to the 8 foundations, which signifies that you have won the session.

Solitaire Classic Patience

As you enjoy Solitaire online, you might have come across this traditional game. Luckily, you can also have it on your phone. For Solitaire Classic Patience, what happens is that once cards are dealt on the tableau, you will arrange them in the usual descending order with the typical black and red color alternation. If a card is missing, tap the face-down stock until you get the card you need. 


Apart from the list of games you see above, there are more Solitaire card games online. Most of them are an evolution of classic Solitaire with the requirements to win almost the same. Therefore, go to your App Store, download, and play Solitaire on your device.