Tragic death of Emmanuel Moire’s twin brother in such awful conditions.


Emmanuel Moire Celebrates His 44th Birthday

This Friday, June 16th, Emmanuel Moire celebrates his 44th birthday. An anniversary that has always been bittersweet since he lost his twin brother Nicolas in 2009. The latter was hit by a car while crossing the street. “He had his iPod in his ears, his hood on his head, the light was green,” the singer told the Parisien a few months after the tragedy.

Nicolas’ Sudden and Tragic Passing

This sudden and brutal accident first plunged Nicolas into a coma for several days before it was decided to end his ordeal on January 28th. He was not yet 30 years old. “We ended up in the hospital, they put him in an artificial coma. It was over, you know. So in fact, we made the choice with my parents to let him go rather than trying to keep him alive and trying to recover we don’t know who, or what. So my brother left on January 28th, 2009,” Emmanuel Moire detailed in 2013 in La Parenthèse inattendue on France 2.

Emmanuel Moire’s Mourning Process

The artist, who was then at the height of his success, naturally went through a period of depression. It was music that managed to save him. At the time, he took refuge in work and devoted himself in particular to the production of his second album, L’Équilibre. An album which contains the song Sois tranquille, through which he evokes the disappearance of his twin. “I had this music for a long time, with the strings at the end, a bit like a requiem. I had planned to use it to talk about our relationship. It’s very disturbing, almost prophetic. At the funeral, I wanted to read a text. It became the chorus,” he said again to the Parisien. Paying tribute to him has become a habit for the former star of Roi Soleil. When it is not through music, he shares memories of their joyful childhood on his social networks. Pictures on which he appears as a child and always very complacent with the lamented Nicolas. “It’s a part of me that’s gone, before he died, I wasn’t aware that he was my twin brother. It was a revolution for me,” he said emotionally in 2016 in Toute une histoire. And to confess: “I think it took me at least three years to start doing a mourning work.”


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