Trial Harvey Weinstein : why Gigi Hadid might well be designated as a certified


Monday, 13 January, during the trial very resounding of Harvey Weinstein, another celebrity has made its appearance : it is Gigi Hadid. The top model could well play a crucial role.

There are a few more years, he reigned as a master almighty on Hollywood. Since then, Harvey Weinstein, 67 years old, is a shadow of itself. Accused of rape and sexual assault by more than 80 women, including actresses Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow or Léa Seydoux, the ex-producer is now persona non grata in the seventh item That is now the face of american justice thatHarvey Weinstein must answer for his acts. However, in New York, where it unfolds in this moment his highly-publicised trial, the ex-mogul is considered for two cases, one for rape, one for sexual assault. The other facts are prescribed. And while many celebrities have not hesitated to appear in the course of this litigation resounding, some of which may well play a crucial role.

Gigi Hadid face the judge

This is the case of Gigi Hadid, who made his appearance during the trial, on Monday 13 January, the court of Manhattan, as a juror potential. “Twelve jurors and six alternates must be selected within the next week” to explain our confreres of Paris. The model 24 years of age was therefore part of the 120 potential jurors summoned for Monday, January 13. Face the judge, Gigi Hadid, has immediately informed that it had already ” met with the accused “, and knew some of the personalities cited in the case, like Salma Hayek, one of the famous accusers of Harvey Weinstein. And when the judge questioned the impartiality of Gigi Hadid in this case, the model answered without wavering : “I believe I can still keep an open mind on the facts. “Once again convened before the justice in the context of the jury selection, Thursday, 16 January, Gigi Hadid may therefore be part of the 18 selected. 500 potential jurors have already been summoned by the justice…


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