True Kinnunen and Dani Osvaldo have already left? The clue

Love in the time of social also passes through the ‘like’ dispensed and those ‘missed’. And that is the doubt offarewell-lightning between True Kinnunen and Dani Osvaldo. Since a few weeks, in fact, the teacher of dance ‘Dancing with the stars’ and the ex-footballer, don’t share shots of the couple or dedications, you immortalize miles away and, above all, they stopped the ‘le’. The passion that erupted behind the scenes of the talent show of Rai Uno, for good peace of Stefano Oradei, formerly of her, was a fire of straw?ù

True Kinnunen and Dani Osvaldo have already left?

In the last post shared on Instagram, the two will immortalize the antipodes. He is in Buenos Aires, his native city, together with my mother and friends, while she is in Italy. The journey of Dani would be perfect for a romantic getaway, but it was not to be and it makes one think that the story has already reached the credits. Until some time ago, in fact, the couple spared no romantic shots of the two. Dani and Vera had met this winter on the track of Dancing with the stars. She, at the time, was engaged with his colleague Stefano Oradei, with which he said goodbye a few weeks later. The history with Stefano, in the course of eight years, was already in crisis for a long time.

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