True Love: Marc Lavoine and Line Papin on Real Love


A Complicated Love Story

This is a strong story that Marc Lavoine and his former wife Line Papin have experienced. A romance whose break-up was as violent as the young novelist recounts in her new book published by Stock editions on April 26 last year, entitled After Love. Without naming the artist, she relates this love that consumed her and the difficulty of the after. After years of love, and a marriage, the young woman who was then 26 years old (33 years younger than her ex-husband) divorced from the one who was a coach on The Voice.

The Intensity of Love

If one can guess from this book how complicated the post-divorce was to live, she also confesses the intensity of the love she felt for him. From the first pages, Line Papin speaks of “true love”, “the one that takes you by the throat and upsets the lines of reality”. According to her, it is because of the strength and madness of this love that the end was so hard to bear. “Marriage, our mad love, so mad that it turned against itself like a wild weather vane,” she writes. Thanks to her ex-husband, whom she does not name throughout her story, the author makes it known how desirable she felt: “I have a head deserted by love, a body that no one touches anymore. Once, they seemed desirable to me, this body and this face, because you desired them, and I had in my possession a coveted treasure, surfaced in your life by miracle.” Later, the former wife of the singer returns again to the intensity of the feelings they shared throughout their idyll ended by a divorce. “How we loved each other, we loved beyond love,” she shares in the form of a poem. Love itself must have paled to know that we were stronger than it / To learn that we had redefined the boundaries of its extension / To see that we had for it a new alphabet, another name.”

Complicated Events

This love story between Line Papin and her ex-husband has been complicated, notably marked by some tragedies, since the young woman had fallen pregnant with twins, before having a miscarriage. An event followed by another pregnancy that ended with an abortion that she decided. The book After Love (ed. Stock) by Line Papin was released in bookstores on April 26, 2023.


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