Uncle Charles Spencer’s Social Support for Harry in War with Tabloids


The Earl Spencer’s Support for Prince Harry

While testifying in the High Court of London against tabloids which, according to him, had ruined his life with alleged illegal interceptions and continuous intrusions into his private life, Prince Harry had a fierce ally: his uncle Charles Spencer. The ninth Earl Spencer, brother of Princess Diana, showed his nephew all his support with some messages posted on Twitter.

The Earl Spencer’s Response to Amanda Platell

One particularly harsh against the Daily Mail columnist Amanda Platell, who, taking advantage of the Duke of Sussex’s statements about Chelsea Davy (in his opinion, the tabloids had broken the engagement), tweeted: “Is Harry still obsessed with his ex-love Chelsy Davy? He mentioned her 118 times in court, Meghan only five. No wonder Meg didn’t show up!” The Earl Spencer replied: “Pathetic, @amandajplatell. You have no shame and even less credibility. The last time I heard about you was when you were guilty of defamation against me, as admitted by your publisher. And now you try to twist important legal evidence“.

The Earl Spencer’s Response to Twitter User

Then, when a Twitter user asked Charles what evidence proves that British tabloids really illegally intercepted Harry’s phone calls between 1996 and 2010, the Earl replied: “The tens of millions paid by the Mirror Group Newspapers to the hacked people, to begin with. I think this helps“. The brother of Diana also showed his support for his nephew by retweeting the social messages of writer and politician Alastair Campbell.


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