Vaimalama Chaves in love : she is sharing FINALLY the cliché of a kiss with his beloved

Miss France 2019 is pining its subscribers… Vaimalama Chaves entertains his fans by posting regularly a few clues about the identity of her lover, without revealing her face. In this Wednesday, June 24, she shared a snapshot very cute !

Vaimalama Chaves



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Vaimalama Chaves is known for not keeping his tongue in his pocket. With strong views on many issues of society, Miss France 2019 wants to as well keep to it, the identity of his beloved. Indeed, since his election, his fans want more than anything to know who is the companion of this beauty queen. Last April, a subscriber is then went further, asking the direct question : “do You have a lover ?” A very simple interrogation, which allowed the beautiful Tahitian to give a new clue : “And if I say yes ?”. Since the young woman did not hesitate to publish new photos on his account Instagram, without, however, revealing the face of his beloved. A month ago, she shared a snapshot of her and her darling in the process of walking around… finally, instead of the shadow of their two silhouettes. Many internet users had at the time pleased to have a companion.

Finally, the kiss !

These must be met this Wednesday, 24 April, with the new publication of a photo of her lover. In fact, Vaimalama Chaves has shared with his fans a shot very, very cute.On the image, you can see her kissing his companion, through a mask, of course, respect gestures barriers requires ! “Back to Paris, (re)discovery of our history, our cultural heritage, and a few photos to capture each day. Hidden to test the effectiveness two elements of the photo have been changed : the lady that was between us has been removed and … ? Guess guess”, one can read in the caption. Its subscribers have been many to respond, happy to see that Miss France in 2019, is happier than ever.