Vanessa Incontrada & Ex Rossano Laurini Photo


The two, Vanessa Incontrada and her former partner, Rossano Laurini, appear to be in a loving connection once more. The Spanish-born presenter and actress shared a post on Instagram that seemed to suggest a possible reunion between the father of her son, from whom she had distanced herself more than a year ago. On the social media platform, she wrote: “A wonderful duet” and posted a photo of them together, smiling and happy. This sparked a flurry of comments from the followers: “Are you back together with Rossano?”, “It would be nice to see you together again”, “Seeing you together smiling is good for the heart”. Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini have not made any official announcements yet, but another photo on her Instagram Stories could be telling. The two were pictured at the sea, seemingly close to each other. This was the first time they had been seen together since the rumors of their breakup first circulated in February. Despite the separation, Vanessa Incontrada assured that “With Rossano it is a moment of great reflection. But with him a wall will never be raised, our story will never be over. We have a child, we are and will always be linked for life because we will always have a present. The ‘end’ will not be there. Then if one day another person comes, we will find another way to love each other”. The pictures on social media could be proof that Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini are still in a loving relationship. They have been together for 15 years and have a son, Isal, born in 2008. It seems that the two are still united and that their simple friendship or cordial relationships have grown into something more. Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini appear to be in love again.


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