Vanessa Incontrada, Rossano Laurini: 16 Years of Love Rekindled


Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini: Confirmation of Reconciliation

Speculations that Vanessa Incontrada and Rossano Laurini had rekindled their flame had been circulating for a few days already, when the showgirl had posted an old photo with her partner on her Instagram Stories, from whom she had separated more than a year ago. “Are you back together with Rossano?”, her followers had asked, hoping for a reunion which Incontrada now seems to have confirmed. As a guest on the Mamma Dilettante podcast, telling Diletta Leotta about her experience as a mother, from pregnancy to childbirth and the birth of her son Isal, the actress also spoke about Laurini: “Isal is 15 years old, so we’ve been together for 15-16 years, although the birth of a child changes some things. I would really like to have another child, now we’ll see what happens because it wasn’t easy for me physically”.

The Difficult Period of Lockdown

From these words it seems legitimate to deduce that the sentimental storm is only a bad memory. According to gossip, the crisis between Vanessa and Rossano had started in 2020, more precisely during the first lockdown, which the two had spent in their house in the countryside near Follonica. According to rumours, the actress and the entrepreneur had been tested, like many non-famous couples, by the forced cohabitation. Then, however, according to rumours, they had tried to put the pieces back together.

The Reunion

So much so that in May 2021, as a guest on Domenica In, the showgirl had not ruled out the idea of a second child: “Who knows, maybe it will happen, life is something you can’t plan. Never say never, it’s not something I don’t want to achieve. If it happens, it happens, otherwise it’s fine like this”. Instead, in February 2022, gossip had revealed that Vanessa and Rossano had said goodbye. The parties involved had neither denied nor confirmed the rumours for months, then in October Incontrada had broken the silence: “With Rossano it is a moment of great reflection. But with him a wall will never be raised, our story will never end. We have a child, we will be linked for life because we will always have a present. There will never be an ‘end’. Then if one day someone else comes in, we will find another way to love each other” she said in an interview, assuring: “We will always be a family”. A family, and a couple, who seem to have left the most difficult period behind them.


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