Vanessa, the wife of Kobe Bryant: “I wish I could go back to that morning, life is unfair”

The death of Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna has left behind the pain and rubble. Vanessa Bryant, the wife sample and the mother of their child, has addressed in recent days, the first Easter without her husband and daughter. A moment intensely painful, which has forced, once again, like every day, confronted with the impossibility of going back in time, to that 26 January that took away her husband and son died in an accident in a helicopter.

The message of Vanessa Bryant

“My husband has worked hard for 20 years. All he wanted was to be with me and our girls to make up for lost time. He wanted to be there for every single milestone that they achieved. Has been retired for only 3 years and 9 months,” wrote the wife of Kobe Bryant in the last posted message on Instagram:

During this period we had two daughters, won an Oscar, has opened the Granity Studios, has become a best-selling author, and has coached the basketball team of Gianna. She has worked hard, 7 days a week just like his father. I wish I could go back to that morning, all the days. I wish that they had lived normally that 26th of January. Life is unfair, all of this does not make sense.

My husband worked his ass off for 20 years. Gave it his alarm, All he wanted was to spend time with our girls and me to make up for lost time. He wanted to be there for every single milestone and special moment in our girls lives. He only got to enjoy 3 years and 9 months of retirement. We had 2 more daughters, he won an Oscar, he opened Granity studios, he became a 5x best-selling author and coached Gianna’s basketball team in that time. She worked hard and gave her all 7 days a week just like her daddy. I wish I could back to that morning, every day. I wish they had a normal local game on 1/26. Life truly isn’t fair. This is just senseless.

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The first Easter without Kobe and Gianna

That just passed was the first Easter that Vanessa has elapsed without Kobe and without the daughter Gianna. Painful days during which the model was forced to sew him a smile, one that would allow her to be the mother the best possible for your daughters Capri, Natalia and Bianka. They were, the smaller of the house of Bryant, the protagonists of the last video posted by Vanessa. In the movie the girls of 3 years and 9 months, attempt to open of the eggs of the toy with a hammer toy. A scene of serenity in the home, another test from the giants for Vanessa.