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Venice Festival 2023: Star Ratings Revealed

George Clooney: Stellar

We feared a Venice Film Festival without international stars due to the Hollywood actors’ strike, less glamour and more Italy. It was partly like that. But in the Lagoon there were no shortage of heavyweight names, such as George Clooney in the role of Amal’s husband. Oh my George! The biggest star seen in Venice is not at the Festival, but at the Diane von Furstenberg Awards, accompanying his wife Amal, who receives an award. To not overshadow her, he only allows himself to be photographed with her, does not give interviews, and stays in the audience all night clapping for her. He gives us a little skit with Emma Thompson, with him complaining about getting older and her consoling him. But his star quality is still intact: the atmosphere of the room changes as soon as he enters. Rating: stellar

Adam Driver: Barricader

In this Festival lacking in international stars, he brings a bit of Hollywood flavour to Venice. But also a bit of chaos. First, at the press conference, he takes issue with Amazon and Netflix, responsible for not finding an agreement with the striking actors and screenwriters. Then he is in the spotlight himself, his Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s Ferrari did not go down well with Pierfrancesco Favino, who sparked the first controversy of the Mostra: why is a foreign actor playing an Italian? Rating: barricader

Sergio Castellitto: Timeless

Here he pilots in the controversial Ferrari of Michael Mann, but let’s face it, he will always be the unforgettable Dr. Stranamore of our hearts, attracting fans and photographers as if five hundred seasons of Grey’s Anatomy had never passed. Rating: timeless Carla Bruni brought her usual humorous-chic touch to the red carpet. The skit of her trying to shoo away a fly with journalist Mattia Carzaniga who was interviewing her on RAI is one of the scenes we will remember with the most joy. Rating: funny Our great star, Italian glory, opens the Festival in the role of a fascist commander who saves enemy shipwrecks (Commander by Edoardo De Angelis). A magnet for attention, he gives us a new accent that he does perfectly (the Venetian: how many more does he need at this point? Maybe the Marchese) and sparks the controversy against American actors playing foreign characters. Rating: catalyst



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