Veronica Satti: “I fell again into the abyss, you never be autolesionisti”

Veronica Satti, the daughter of Bobby solo , who has recently recovered the relationship with the famous father, said in a post to be back from a difficult period. In the past the young had made it clear of being forced to deal with a disorder of the psychological sphere, theself-harm. Putting together the pieces of his life, unfortunately, would not have helped to close definitively with the past events, to the point that today, Satti confesses to have had a relapse:

In this last period I fall again into the abyss, I had again my pipes have been present, and my dad told me to immediately run from him. I have to thank him for the heart because if now I’m better thanks to him, the girlfriend Tracy and my brother, Ryan. All the pain of the past was not only due to the lack of a father, and even if it was him so she is truly redeemed and he took care of me in everything and for everything. I understand that you never be autolesionisti, and probably every day I will have to reckon with them, but today in addition to my mom and to my grandparents that I have always been close, there is also my dad and his family, and this is my greatest victory.

The ratio retrieved with Bobby Only

To help Veronica in addition to her mother and maternal grandparents, today there is the father, Bobby Only. The Satti was tenacious and was able finally to retrieve the relationship with the parent. The artist, once that Veronica has left the Big Brother House, has asked to review the daughter and rebuild her relationship away from the watchful eye of the cameras. Father and daughter are reunited without fanfare, and today they are still neighbors.

The shelter of Veronica Satti

On tv, months before recovering the relationship with the father, Veronica had already told the story of his fight to the behavioral disorder that afflicts. In march 2018, interviewed by Barbara D’urso, the daughter of Bobby solo he was hospitalized in the clinic: “Before him the cause for the failure to maintain, I tried to approach him a thousand times. I won the case, but at the time I had to leave the university because my father went to the maintenance. I had problems and was hospitalized in a clinic for exhaustion and self-harm. It is only right that I tell you today because I passed it. I cut the legs. I have had phases of very acute, and then I was hospitalized in the clinic for more than a month”.