Veronika Loubry: Ayrton’s 16th Bday, Tender Photos & Big Decision


I love him and I will be there for him,” she said. Veronika Loubry thus celebrated the 16th birthday of her son Ayrton, born in 2007, fruit of her love with former footballer Patrick Blondeau.

Veronika Loubry was extremely proud of her son Ayrton and celebrated his 16th birthday on May 20, 2023. On Instagram and in her story, the former radio host shared numerous pictures of her youngest, a handsome blond with long hair. This slideshow revealed how much they look alike and how close they are. Veronika Loubry wrote in the caption: “We were supposed to be in the Sahara desert this morning to celebrate your 16th birthday but with you (and since you were very young) everything is always perfect and you are happy in all circumstances or wherever you are. It is a joy and a privilege to have you as a son, brother, beautiful son, grandson and friend. Everyone loves you my Ayrton and I am a proud and fulfilled mother. Happy 16th birthday my little big man of my life. I love you”. This outing had to be canceled due to the health problems of her partner Gérard Kadoche that she recently mentioned. Last March, Veronika Loubry said she was going through a “difficult test” due to her partner’s health problems. She revealed: “We need to be together as a family, to get together, to be together. That’s why I’m going to ask you for a little indulgence. I never thought I would make this kind of little video. You also know that I cried for many things. Five days of tears… After that, you don’t seem to be able to cry anymore, that’s not true.” Apparently seriously ill, Veronika Loubry added that she would support her partner to the fullest. She said: “It hit us. He was in great shape (…) I wanted to let go of everything, to abandon everything.. He told me ‘if you do that, I will not be happy’. He gives me strength and courage… So sometimes I’m going to crack. A little while ago, I was in my forest, I screamed in pain. And then, for him, because he wants to see me with a smile, I’m going to be with him. There will be hard times, but my man is going to fight! And in ten years he will be here! (…) I’m going to fight alongside my beloved, my foundation, my rock, my lion, my double who will fight to fight the disease. For him, I will be strong. I love him and I will be there for him.” Veronika Loubry’s son Ayrton, the product of her love with former footballer Patrick Blondeau, celebrated his 16th birthday. She was filled with pride and joy, and expressed her love for him with heartfelt words.


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