Victim of discrimination, Fary Lopes holds Laurent Ruquier responsible.


A Sequence from 2010

This is a sequence that dates back to 2010, but it left a lasting impression. Time has passed, and with hindsight, the context seems even more problematic.

The Quarrel that Followed

Nearly 13 years later, Fary Lopes, who was at the forefront that day, still finds it hard to forgive Laurent Ruquier for his attitude, as he revealed to Léna Situations in her podcast Canapé 6 places. In October 2010, while the presenter was recording an episode of On n’demande qu’à en rire (France 2), a video circulated even before it was broadcast on Thursday. To recap the context, there was a quarrel between Fary, then an amateur comedian presenting a sketch about school diversity, and Jean Benguigui, a regular contributor to Laurent Ruquier. After the sketch, it was time for the reviewers to judge, and Jean Benguigui was far from being won over. The 19-year-old then made a comment about “the Blacks who had been scattered in the audience this time”. As a reminder, during Fary’s previous appearance on the show, he had been criticized for coming with some friends to cheer him on from the audience. Jean Benguigui, who refused to be associated in any way with racist remarks, was outraged at this statement, which he found “shameful”. Laurent Ruquier then played the mediator and reminded him that, during his last appearance, the young man had come with five of his friends who, after his sketch, had left the room without bothering to watch the other comedians.

Fary Lopes’ Reaction

But Fary flatly denied it, insisting he did not know the individuals. He was then associated with them simply based on their skin color. In Léna Mahfouf’s Canapé 6 places, Fary Lopes returned to this sequence and the discomfort it caused him. “He starts to get angry at me even though he’s in the wrong.” “To this day, deep down, I still hold it against him, from that moment, quite intensely,” Fary Lopez then reveals, referring to Laurent Ruquier’s attitude that day. “Even though we’ve always had good relations and all, I’ve always kept that. He takes the floor, I was expecting him to take me a bit more into consideration.


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