Victoires de la musique 2020 : the artists are paid ?

This Friday 14 February, France 2 will broadcast the 35th ceremony of the Victoires de la musique. Angela, Alain Souchon, Clara Luciani or Philippe Katerine performs on stage, but at what price ?

The music will be honored this Friday, February 14, on France 2. Since it will broadcast the 35th ceremony of the Victoires de la musique, presented by all the faces of the chain. On this occasion, a group of artists will make the trip. Direction the Seine music for a spectacle of exception. If the number of categories has decreased compared to previous years and that some have been snobés, they are likely to be invited to go on stage. This is the case, for example, of Philippe Katerine, Alain Souchon, Vitaa and Slimane, Angela, Clara Luciani, or revelations Hoshi, Suzane and Malik Djoud. What to bring a substantial exhibition and, therefore, boost the sales of their albums.

How much are the artists paid ?

And for good reason, the artists come not only to recover (or not) their trophy, the latter moisten the shirt while singing their hit live on the chain of public service. And who said performance, said compensation. For their participation, the artists all perceive a stamp. And most importantly, they are all in the same boat. Regardless of their popularity or their album sales. They begin, or to be installed in the environment for decades. “Everyone gets a cheque of € 400 gross. It is what we give to all artists named “, due in 2016 in Paris, Gilles Desangles, the former director-general of the Victories of the music – since replaced this edition by Romain Vivien. Even a Stevie Wonder come to collect a Victory of honor in 2010 had hit this same salary.

There is even an exception to the rule. The members of the grand orchestra of the evening benefit from a different treatment. “Some of the thirty musicians of the training are paid a little more, because they repeat almost a week. It varies from 400 to 1 500 euros “, he explained then. And if the artists named want to occur with their own musicians, or dancers, ” it is at their expense “. It was for example the case of Maitre Gims in 2016, come to sing Undermined as never before, with 50 sappers congolese. “It is his generation that will take charge. Not us, ” he said then.